Panasonic (AI) X-Series Camera



Our new i-PRO X-series cameras take imaging to a whole new level by providing intelligent video analytics at the edge while maximizing network and bandwidth efficiencies. These highly
intelligent new cameras employ an advanced AI engine with on-board analytics to detect suspicious changes in scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analyzed, and optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

i-PRO X-series cameras will be available in outdoor and indoor vandal-resistant domes, as well as bullet-resistant configurations. Features include: H.265 compression and smart coding to increase bandwidth efficiency and reduce storage requirements; color night vision for use in low-light conditions; and intelligent auto (iA) with super dynamic functions for enhanced dynamic range in scenes with varying lighting conditions.

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X Series Camera Model

(12MP) WV-4172 (Fisheye) (Indoor), (12MP) WV-4173 (Fisheye) (Indoor), (12MP) WV-4573L (Fisheye) (Outdoor), (12MP) WV-4573LM (Fisheye) (Outdoor), (9MP) WV-4170 (Fisheye) (Indoor), (9MP) WV-4171 (Fisheye) (Indoor), (9MP) WV-4571L (Fisheye) (Outdoor), (9MP) WV-4571LM (Fisheye) (Outdoor)