Cloud Based

Hypercom provides secure low-cost cloud-based solutions for businesses. Hypercom’s data center provides network security and reliability, with contactless card access systems to prevent authorized access, 24/7 physical security monitoring by qualified security guards on patrol, and 24×7 closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring with video recording on all floors. Hypercom’s data center features highly secure centralized rack-locking systems and access to our secure, high-speed, and anonymous on-premises multiplexer and VPN modem. Our hosted IP PBX services have the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.

Hyper Communications offers flexible subscription, plans, and is a reliable service provider for IP PBX cloud-based solutions for businesses of all scales, including SME facilities and schools. Hypercom provides fast VOIP and hosted IP PBX services that start from 2m bps. Our private branch exchange network has the flexibility and scalability to meet your communication needs, with visibility over bandwidth usage and increased monitoring functions.

With Hypercom, connecting across multiple platforms, across devices and systems on an everyday basis has never been easier. Work remotely, with the convenience of on-the-go high-quality calls that boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Hypercom Singapore offers flexible plans that cater to your communication needs. We provide hosted or virtual cloud-based solutions, as well as on-premise options that enable you to run on your own existing hardware. Our cloud-based packages provide fuss-free and safe call transfer, voicemail, call recording, call queue, and reporting features that frees up space for more optimized network performance and workflow. Call agent options are also available with in Singapore.