Advidia M-Series Camera



Chances are good that those incredible quality HD images you see on TV or when streaming a show are produced using Panasonic imaging technology. It’s the very same engineering expertise that has been driving the continued evolution of Panasonic i-PRO surveillance cameras since we pioneered the development of network cameras almost 30 years ago. And it is one of the reasons why Panasonic i-PRO surveillance cameras are recognized around the world for their outstanding imaging performance, even in the most demanding lighting conditions and environments. Our robust portfolio also includes camera solutions from Advidia.

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Advidia M Series Camera Model

(2MP) M-200-P (PTZ) (Outdoor Not Vandal), (4K) M-87-V (Dome) (Outdoor Vandal), (4K) M-89-F-L (Bullet) (Outdoor Not Vandal), (4MP) M-44-V-T (Dome) (Outdoor Not Vandal), (4MP) M-45-FW (Dome) (Indoor), (4MP) M-46-F (Dome) (Outdoor Vandal), (4MP) M-46-FW (Dome) (Outdoor Vandal), (4MP) M-46-V (Dome) (Outdoor Vandal), (4MP) M-49-V (Bullet) (Outdoor Not Vandal)