EPOS Audio Singapore

During 2020, the announcement of ending the joint venture of Sennheiser Communications A/S which previously setup by Demant A/S and Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG. Both companies are well-established pioneers in the audio solutions industry.The Mobile Music segment for business will be developing separately by Sennheiser Consumer Business; while Enterprise solutions and Gaming headsets will be focusing product lines by EPOS Audio.

New Singapore Office – EPOS Audio Singapore Pte. Ltd. Is located at 23A SerangoonNorth Avenue 5, Unit 04-08 K&S Corporate HQ, Singapore 554369. With recent years of experience in Singapore’s local affiliation with CCAS, setting up Call Centre-centric solutions has been Hypercom’s strength for numerous corporate business and public service offices. Partnering, EPOS Audio Brand with Hypercom combining efforts to market and creates branding awareness in Singapore local market and is establishing a corporate identity gradually.

The Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions sales representatives globally are transferred to the newly established EPOS Audio. All the competency teams for Enterprise Solutions and Gaming in the Denmark HQ will cohere to EPOS Audio, which will still be located on the existing premise. EPOS Audio empowered businesses around the world to better communicate and collaborate with reputable strategic alliances corporations.

EPOS Audio is making use latest advancement of audio and combination of technologies to create excellent audio solutions and user experience durability, reliability, and ease handling through perfect-tuning includes balancing of excellent audio production and wearing comfort. Trusting the clarity and precise sonic in any environment is important for having all business communications.

With innovative voice enhancing technologies, EPOS Audio defines hearing the entire conversation, recording your thoughts through speakerphone or headset over the headphones without leaving your premise. Keeping communication, focusing well to ensure high-quality recordings regardless if the surrounding is loud behind the background. EPOS audio’s product delivers great value-for-money when compared against competitive advantages in similar technology packages, or rather providing superior results over others in cost perspective.