Avaya Singapore

The leading PBX systems from established vendors like Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Shortel, 3CX, LG-Nortel etc as well as cutting edge systems from vendors like NEC and Panasonic who are in the same segment to offer a competitive options and variation to cater to the enterprise class market ranging from basic telephone service needs to advance IP telephony such as SIP telephony via desk or your smartphone made possible with Panasonic. By through the technology, organization employee can communication with each others in an easier and more efficient way. It can improve customer satisfier and customer service. Avaya solutions can make the things happen which can improve your current business solution and move it into future digital age. Avaya is currently implementing and utilizing a core with a set of principles that are truthful in the things we do. These are user friendly, responsibility, strangth, trust worthly, and teamspirit. By through these solution, they are the first main culture at the heart of our people.

Avaya provide experiences solution to users. Avaya also enable others businesses to deliver meaningful and personalized experiences to their organization employees and customers.There are some of the same features & benefits with some of Our Cooperate Main Partners such as Afiniti, Nuance, Salesforce, Verint, Cogito, eGain, EXP360, Sabio, Salesforce’s Einstein, ScoreData, Sundown AI, Versay, etc. Find out more to move into the digital age at https://www.hypercom.sg/product-category/unified-communications-systems.html