Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a technology that interconnects telephones, computer databases, and customers in 
powerful new ways. Customers can call and receive answers to their questions, rather than
just leave a message for callback.

Any information stored in a database can be spoken or faxed to customers via IVR, leaving employees free for more productive tasks. Automated Agent gives your phone system the intelligence to answer a caller’s questions in a variety of installed languages. The development environment uses SQL Language and GUI Menu to build high performance IVR applications with Automated Agent.

Automated Agent allows management of each customer interaction and helps to deliver
quality service while building long-term, profitable relationships with customers. 




Voice logger (VL)

VL is a PC based Multi-Channel Digital Recorder. The Voice Data is recorded in compressed format on a Hard Disk Drive and immediately converted to nonproprietary .WAV format for playback. Recording can be triggered by Receiver pick-up (On Hook, Off Hook Mode), Audio activity (VOX Mode), Ring Detection Mode (Pseudo Mode). Optionally the system may include a DVD- RAM which store 300 channel/hours per media.

Voice logging is an important and valuable call center technology. It is a leading call center solution provider in Singapore. It allows calls to be recorded for quality assurance, training, self-evaluations, verification purposes, and dispute resolution. Records of calls can be quickly sorted, filtered, and presented. Backup of voice files can be accomplished easily to DVD. Also available for VoIP / SKYPE environment.

Designed to meet the rapidly expanding needs of various Law enforcement agencies, Govt. monitoring agencies, real time call monitoring applications, emergencies call centers etc. VL also provides solutions for VoIP/ SKYPE systems.


Web CRM provides users with instant access to centralized Client information over the Web.
It looks and feels like a WindowsR CRM product, yet provides all of the advantages of a Web-based solution.

Web CRM is a single, central repository for critical contact and Client information captured across your entire organization. This is a Client-hosted solution that enables you to access detailed contact and Client information, manage calendars and activities, capture all Client communications, track opportunities through the sales process, and report on overall team effectiveness.

With Web CRM, remote, traveling, and office-based users can access, update and share centralized data in real time through a Web browser. By alleviating the need for remote employees to synchronize their computers with the corporate database, you can feel confident that you always have up-to-date Client information

It can also enables sales professionals to track sales opportunities from initial inquiry through close using either a standard or customized sales process. When working an opportunity, sales professionals can simply create activity, project and schedule meeting for the opportunity, ensuring they’re properly managed throughout the sales process. Sales professionals and management will always know where they stand. They can view all sales opportunities at once or filter by Users, Estimated Close Date, Status, Sales Stage, Amount or Probability of Close.

Administrator cans customizable module fields for advanced flexibility. Use drop-down lists with selectable field values to ensure data consistency when creating a new opportunity. Change field names and field types to capture information important to you. In addition, fields can
be adapted and customized to generate a field history, to make a field mandatory, to disable 
the editing of a field, and the change the field length. 

Call Accounting Software (CAS)

Call Accounting Provides Reports that detailed outgoing, incoming & internal information.
These reports contain inform on date, time, number dialed, location, duration, cost & account / authorization codes. There are also summary reports available. All reports can be generated by extension, department, division or company. It is an extremely powerful & yet easy to use program that puts you in control of your telephone costs.

  • Accurate & flexible client/ Department billing.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • A powerful & fast relational database engine produces office- focused reports with the click of a mouse button.
  • Call Data allow you to study call activity, peaks & trends for the hour, day. Week or month
  • Password is included in CAS to allow only authorized personnel access to the system.
  • CAS is easily configured to meet your office’s specific needs


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