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Digital technology will shape every aspect of business operations including communications, processes, customer engagement, products and services innovation, marketing and production. Technology will be drivers of profitability, market expansion and sustainable growth. Huge efficiencies, profitability and growth can be gained when businesses can harness their digital advantage.

Digital technology will level the playing field, providing equal opportunities for SMEs and MNCs, established companies and start-ups, local and international companies to sharpen competitiveness and surge ahead. Digital technology empowers each enterprise to determine its own fortunes and forge its own road to sustainable growth.

At Hyper Communications, we have and will continue to work with our customers to weave their digital fabric to enable them a distinctive digital advantage and stay ahead of the competition. It is a premier Panasonic authorized dealer and service center in Singapore.


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Business Communications Server KX-NSX1000/2000Business Communications Server - KX-NSX1000/2000
Hybrid IP-PBX - KX-HTS824
 Hybrid  IP-PBX    KX-HTS824 (Best use for soho & SME)




Promotion Period : 15th Nov 2015 - 31st July 2016

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